ISGC Patch Club

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Monthly membership benefits include:

12+ PVC Velcro Patches Per Year
Each Patch comes with a matching Sticker

Special Members Only Offers/Sales/Discounts
Exclusive sneak peaks at upcoming new releases
EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS with Partnered Veteran Owned Companies - Coming Soon
Best of all, NO MORE SEARCHING through website after website to only find the same patches over and over again! You join and we send out these precious rubbery PVC morale boosters that are sure to never disappoint on time EVERY MONTH

Join on or before the 29th of each month to receive the current months patch. Joining on the 30th will result in the following months patch being your first shipment. 

Didn't join in time for a previous month's BADASSERY? Club Members have exclusive access to previous months patches while supplies last. Simply send us email, a message on Facebook or IG, and let us know which you would like to add to your order.

Want more than 1 of this month's patch? Just email us, or message us on facebook or instagram and we will get you set up for additional patches and vinyl decals! 

Tired of the same ole patches showing up from one website to the next? Or just tired of searching through pages and pages of patches looking for that one BADASS patch? Join our Monthly PVC Patch Club, and receive a monthly patch of Badassery you won't find anywhere else, delivered right to your mailbox! Owned and Operated by Veterans, we're bringing these tastefully offensive and badass morale boosters to a new level! 

Our patches are designed in-house, using completely original artwork, utilizing both 2D and 3D molds. Designed and created by Veterans, you're sure to enjoy every morale booster of badassery you receive!  Patches made for the subscription will not be available in our store, nor anywhere else! They will only be available to our Club Members! 

There's no obligation and you can cancel at anytime! 

Visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions!

Customer Reviews

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why isgc patch club?


It is our Duty as The Patch Club of Badassery to offer and ship unparalleled, one-of-a-kind patches that you will NOT find anywhere else. Our Members demand and expect nothing short of excellence! AND THEY GET IT! We set the bar high, and are committed to providing the absolute best customer service, the baddest of patches, and the tastiest crayons you have ever eaten!


We don't just send you a patch or two and call it quits! We are constantly working on bringing our Members more and more benefits, by seeking out reputable and distinguished Veteran Owned Businesses with quality products and services, and acquiring a savings for our Members! Of course we do this to support these Veterans too!

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