We have teamed up with some awesome, badass, patriotic AF, 2A advocating influencers and are rolling out their very own line up of rubbery, tastefully offensive, sexy, yet badass morale patches

AMANDA HILLis one tastefully offensive, patriotic, 2A loving, redheaded badass!

Born and raised in Florida, she has a serious passion for guns and dogs. Her love for guns began when she started working for Machine Gun America.

Having never shot a gun before, she dove head first into the world of firearms and instantly fell in love! She's one sexy, bad mouthed, patriotic, gun toting badass who's only just begun her career within the 2A community!

"And no the carpet doesn't match the drapes!" - Amanda

Be sure to follow her Instagram @bluburryhill

NOELLE BESTA true 2A, Freedom loving American woman!

Noelle grew up in a small town in the cornfields of Indiana. Eventually ended up working at a class 3 gun shop, where she began to fall in love with guns and the 2A community.

As time passed, her love for guns grew and she found a man who shared the same love and passion for guns. She married Mat Best, Co-founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company, and currently resides in the big state of Texas.

Noelle is a true American Beauty whos love and support for the 2A community has no bounds!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @noelle_best

Katrina PalmerA United States Navy Vet who served as a Diesel Mechanic, Katrina is our first of many Veteran women added to this line up!

Katrina was born and raised in California and currently resides in the great state of Arizona, and is still serving her Country as a Correctional Officer.

Her love for guns began after serving in the Navy, when she became more confident and comfortable in shooting. Her favorite rifle is her FN SCAR 16, and she's a proud concealed carrier, never leaving the house without her Glock 43.

Katrina is a true American, having served in the military and continuing to serve to this day. Her love for Country and the 2A community is that of a true patriot!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @tactical_sunflower

BREANNE RYANYet another true 2A, Freedom loving American woman who's life revolves around guns and coffee!

But her love for 2A goes much deeper than just shooting guns. She loves to represent and advocate for women within the shooting world, who make up the fastest growing sector within the 2A Community!

Her favorite gun would be anything full-auto, but if she had to choose, she would go with the 50 cal!

She's a coffee loving, gun shooting, beautiful American woman, and she's always packin!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @xo_breanne_xo